Senior VoIP Software Engineer




The Job

• Software development, testing and deployment of VoIP related services/applications.
• Design, implement and monitor scalability, redundancy, quality of service for VoIP services.

Your Skills and Experience

• Good Conversational and Written English.
• Degree/Diploma holder in Computer Science, Information Technology or relevant disciplines.
• 3 years of VoIP engineering experience required.
• Knowledge of PHP, Python, bash scripting, networking, Linux administration required.
• Experience with SIP/IP-PBX, Asterisk/OpenSIPS/Kamailio development, VoIP codecs required.
• Keen interest in software development and willing to learn new skills.
• Able to work independently and as a team.

Why You’ll Love Working Here

We only hire top talents from top universities, and we always create equal oppotunities for everyone to shine. On hiring newcomers, we’d rather need a fast learner with little experience yet positive attitude than those who have a lot of experience but failed our attitude test.

We also believe that A players can only work with A players, they can’t stand B players. And we commit ourselves to create an environment where everyone constantly competes for the best.

However, we also play hard. Our office has many entertainment activities from playing games with each other, hanging out for lunch or boxing in Wii.