Practice Oracle database 12c on cloud (Database as a Service) (1085 views)

As you have knew about:
SaaS: Software as a Service (for example: Google Docs for work, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365)
PaaS: Platform as a Service (for example: – a service of Salesforce)
IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service (for example: Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM BlueMix)

Nowadays, Larry Ellison give us a brand-new term: DaaS (Database as a Service). Right now is the time for your new experience:

Create an free account at:
Then, you login at:
Use free service at:


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 23.50.26

You don’t need a 12-GB-RAM computer to install Oracle database 12c. You don’t need spent few hours to Oracle database instance up and running. For quickly practice, for experience new features, you can use

Do Nhu Vy – developer


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